What is CanadaSound?

We’re asking everyday Canadians to submit sounds that remind them of Canada— then giving those sounds to artists to incorporate into their music. Join us in the biggest musical collaboration ever attempted and help create a Canadian soundtrack like never before.

How can everyday Canadians participate?

Simple, just share a sound that reminds you of what you love about Canada. You can submit a video, audio file or write a description.

Add your sound here or post your sound on social media with #CanadaSound. Don’t worry about it being perfect, we’ll make sure the file is studio ready for musicians to incorporate into their music. Who knows what artist it will inspire? It could be an up-and-comer singer or a mega superstar (hi, Beibs!)

The sounds of Canada are as distinct as the people who live here— in fact, you’re what makes these sounds distinctly Canadian. The sounds are part of your memories and experiences. So think of our big cities and small towns, the tops of mountains and the edge of the ocean, wildlife and wild adventures. Need inspiration? Check out the hundreds of sounds we’ve collected already.

How can Canadian musicians participate?

As a Canadian artist we’re giving you access to a one-of-a-kind sound bank created by real Canadians. Use these sounds to inspire a song and make Canada your instrument.

As a sound engineer, you might be inspired by the strum of a guitar matched with the drip of maple syrup. As a songwriter, the sound of rain on a porch may inspire lyrics of longing. Let the sounds guide you. Sign up to get your hands on 100s of sounds that are studio ready. Music is always pushing boundaries and Canada has a lot of boundary to cover! Get started here.

Listen to CanadaSound songs

What is “Canadian music” anyway? Is it a folk poet or beats from the 6ix? An electronic mouse or an First Nations rattle? Put one your headphones and turn up the volume because you’re about to experience the first songs that are unequivocally Canadian. Listen to some of our CanadaSound songs so far.

The CanadaSound Digital Compilation and a good cause

In February 2018 we’re releasing a CanadaSound digital album. On this album you’ll hear rockers, pop singers, French vocalists, First Nations bands, youtube sensations, rap stars and most importantly— you!

This album is sure to go down in Canadian music history and the proceeds will toward a great cause too: MusiCounts, a charity that puts instruments into the hands of young kids.