We asked Canadians to submit sounds that remind them of home, and gave them to musicians. Here’s what they made with YOUR submissions!

Title Story Song
Cover of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up”
by Walk Off The Earth
Walk Off the Earth used CanadaSound to expand on the unorthodox selection of sounds they try to explore in all of their covers.
“Small Town Heart”
by Sofia Blu
The song was written about the special place she keeps in her heart, for her small, home town of Collingwood, Ontario.
“Bad Woman”
by Melle Rose
Inspired by the idea of using the TCC chime in a song, Melle Rose has this song on pitch.
“A Song to Sing”
by Shobha
Shobha first used this song as an example of how she does her job as a songwriter/producer. When she first saw the bank of sound inspirations, she remembers seeing things like the “northern lights”, the “oh canada” anthem and ‘lack of sound’ after a snowstorm, which mustered up all sorts of ideas paired with her own experiences having grown up In Nova scotia (i.e.. military type drums at citadel hill), spending many summers in PEI (i.e. shores of red and white) and living in the Prairies etc. This song is a love song to Canada.
“You are the one”
by Isabelle Day
Isabelle finds the sound of the water that she chose to be soothing and romantic. It inspired her to write a love ballad. When she speaks in french, she refers to that feeling of naked feet in the sand. The title of the song, “You are the one” also makea reference to Canada being the one.
“Farewell to Nova Scotia”
by Blitz//Berlin
The concept of ‘Canada Sound’ immediately resonated with Blitz//Berlin vocalist Martin Macphail, recalling a folk song “Farewell To Nova Scotia” which his mother sang when he was a child. Upon further research, the band discovered that the song is actually of unknown authorship, a true Canadian folk song, evolving over countless campfires throughout the last 150 years. In the spirit of Canada Sound the idea clicked, and the band went to work creating a song using the natural sounds recorded by Canadians. Following Blitz//Berlin’s recent work in scoring feature films, the band decided to approach this classic Canadian song with a cinematic flare, doing away with the familiar up-beat jig and conjuring instead the vast beauty and drama of the atlantic coast – a land of “wooden ships and iron men”.
“Don’t Wait Your Life Away”
by Florence K
Inspired by the way time passes when you’re at an airport, specifically Florence’s time at the Mirabel airport in Montreal. Now, renowned French-language artist Florence K brings us her original song for the CanadaSound project. Inspired by time spent in Cuba but also a reflection of Canada’s diverse culture and music scene, the lyrics centre on a double entendre of the word “Mira”: for “Mirabel airport” and the Spanish “Mira,” meaning “to look.” In her song, Florence encourages us to grasp life in the moment, as time alone determines our fate. The chorus line, the Spanish sentence “mira lo que el tiempo hace” means “look at what time does.”
“She Calls Me”
by Digging Roots
“Down Home”
by Ashley Condon
“Listen to the Sounds”
by Bobs & Lolo
“Red and White”
by Ivory Hours